Did You Know?

The human body has about 642 muscles.

If 600 muscles of the average adult human are pulled in one direction, one can lift about 25 tons of weight.

For every pound of muscle mass gained, the body burns an extra 50 calories every day.

Exercising improves mental clarity and productivity by causing secretion of Serotonin.

Parking your car 5 minutes from the office, walking briskly to and from it and taking the stairs during lunch and coffee breaks can get you up to thirty minutes of exercise every day.

Men who work out with women partners tend to lift heavier weights.

Listening to music while lifting weights makes you lift heavier loads. This is because the brain is distracted by the music.

One can of fizzy drinks contain about 10 teaspoons of sugar.

Skipping breakfast consistently makes you gain weight.

Over sleeping and under-sleeping over prolonged periods of time will cause weight gain.

Human feet have about 500,000 sweat glands that can produce about a pint of sweat every day.

The brain processes pain signals but does not feel pain itself.

More calories are burned while sleeping than while watching TV.

When adults lose weight, the fat cells do not die, they only shrink in size.

According to researches, the risk of a heart attack is higher on Monday than any other day of the week.

The focusing muscles of eye move about 100,000 times a day. This is equivalent to walking 50 miles per day for leg muscles.


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